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Fun summer date ideas

Summer dating tips to remember

Irene LaCota, president of It’s Just Lunch, a specialized dating service for busy professionals offers some great expert tips on summer dating. She recommends to get out there and start dating!
Dating Tip #1:
View dating as a chance to increase your circle of friends and enjoy life. That takes away some of the pressure. There is also no better time to go out and meet people than the summer time, when many are out enjoying the longer days and warmer weather and just generally feeling more carefree and open.

Dating Tip #2:
Leave the house! It’s time to admit that he or she isn’t going to find you while you’re sitting on your couch watching summer reruns. Find innovative and unusual places to meet people. Join a club, volunteer or take up a new sport. Summer provides a great opportunity to engage in the outdoor activities that you wouldn’t have the chance to do during colder weather.

Dating Tip #3:
At least once in a while, you might try to… smile? Trust us, this may sound simple but it works. Whether you are at the zoo or carnival, be aware, keep a friendly smile on your face and do not be afraid to occasionally say hello.

Dating Tip #4:
Stop playing. Dating is, and should always be, fun. But it is not about playing games with other people, using clever tactics or making sure you come out on top. There are no winners and losers as far as we’re concerned, so pick another summer sport (we like tennis). Dating responsibly will make it a more enjoyable and less stressful process for everyone.

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