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Fun summer date ideas

Summer is a great time of the year for romantic, outdoor dates. Here are 12 ways to make the most out of this summer with your guy! (Warning: Some of these date ideas might seem silly, but they are guaranteed to provide you with a good time!)

Whoosh down the slide... into the alligator pit!

1. Have a water fight.

Beat the heat by having a water gun fight outdoors. The water will help you cool down and all the running around will help you burn some serious calories.

2. Become an artist.

Gather up some sketch pads and drawing utensils and head to your nearest park. Draw funny sketches of each other. Another option is to have a photo shoot in the park with digital camera.   Frame the drawings or photos from the afternoon for a nice memory.

3. Build a house together.

Give your relationship and your community a heartfelt touch by volunteer together with a local Habitat for Humanity. Spend a Saturday morning painting or hammering away to build someone a brand new home.

4. Fly a kite.

In the world of the Wii, a plain old kite isn’t something that’s seen around much nowadays. Bring this classic back by buying a cheap kite (or try making one yourself if you really want to indulge in something creative!). Fly it in the local school yard, at the park or in a nearby field.

5.Hang out at the playground.

Rediscover your inner child. Chase each other around in the park or sit down and draw in the sand. Sit on the swings, eat your candy, and share with each other some of your childhood memories to get to know each other better.

6. Splash around in a water park.

Pack your sunscreen and your bathing suit and head to a local water park with your guy!

7. Get sporty.

Get a little adventurous. Go hiking, biking, canoeing, bungee-jumping — anything that’s sure to get both of your hearts racing.

8. Go beachin’.

This one is pretty much a no-brainer. Have a beach day by yourselves. Play some beach volleyball, walk along the shore, look for seashells, build a sandcastle and then watch the sunset together, hand in hand.

9. Have a car picnic.

Add a twist to the classic and have a car picnic after a peaceful drive. Relive a romantic scene straight out of a movie by parking the car at a scenic overlook. Spread a blanket on the hood and enjoy your picnic there. Be sure to bring some music!

10. Look for cheap outdoor events.

The summer is a great time for festivals, country fairs and street fairs. There are probably also plenty of free outdoor music events, movies and plays. Find something that interests both you and your date, and enjoy a nice summer day by sharing cotton candy or jammin’ to some new local music.

11. Window Shop.

Go window-shopping in the types of stores you wouldn’t normally shop in such as antique stores or flea markets. Go to the thrift store or local discount department store and amuse yourself in there. Save your money because the point is to look, only!

12. Enjoy an old-fashioned drive-in movie.

Most cities either have a drive-in movie theater still operating or they have a park that will play movies on summer nights under the stars. Relive the era of your grandparents (or parents) by going to a classic drive-in movie with your date. Making out is definitely recommended!

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