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Hot spring & summer fashions: Find the trends you love

Girlie fashions are in, white is the new black, dresses are hotter than ever, and this season’s looks call for ultra-feminine patterns and styles. Shopping has never been more fun as we rev up for the coolest in hot summer styles yet!

All the rage
Always remember: What is hot for some may not be hot for you, says Lukas. “The trends for spring and summer are already in place, set up by the fashion industry. That is my huge concern. The fashion industry does not pay attention to the needs of the real woman or what real women sizes 2 to 28 really need and want to wear.”


He suggests that the latest and greatest styles be handled tongue in cheek — and with a little irreverence. “Once women learn how to dress for their basic body type, they can then have fun with trends.”

So what looks perfect on your friend might just not work for your body type — and that’s okay. To add a little personalized kick to your wardrobe, spend your cash on a cute little something trendy that you just adore, and that suits your shape and own unique style.

Still, don’t get too attached to the red hot fashions of the moment, remembering that most of what’s in vogue this year will wind up in next year’s giveaway bags. “Trends will be gone next season! Let’s call this shopping therapy. Don’t get caught up, ladies — don’t buy simply for trend’s sake,” Lukas laughs. “Let’s work together to shop smart. Add in small simple trends that will last or can be a little throwaway.”

Before you buy anything though, get organized! “Spring is the best time to purge your closets and get ready for the incoming summer fashions,” Christina Carathanassis reminds. “Weeding is not just for your backyard!”

So, what are you waiting for? Move those sweaters out of the way, and get ready for hot summer nights!

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