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Tips on organizing and cleaning the bathroom


If cleaning the bathroom tops the list as one of your least-favorite activities, right up there with a trip to the dentist and doing your taxes, then it’s time take to take a proactive approach to keeping your bathroom clean before it turns into a cringe-inducing disaster.


Follow these 5 steps to keep your bathroom spotless:

Sanity-saving shelving

Let’s face it, downsizing your products is just not going to happen. Everyone knows you need a facial moisturizer, a body moisturizer, a hand moisturizer and maybe even a foot moisturizer. And that’s just moisturizers! Let’s not even get into hair products. One way to make your life easier is to invest in a shelving unit to go above the toilet. This can serve as the home for all your beauty supplies. And your personal products can stay out of sight. 

Banish soap scum

The most time-consuming part of bathroom cleaning can be tackling the shower or tub. If you keep it clean regularly, you won’t need to spend an hour scrubbing mildew from the corners. Use a shower spray after every use. This takes seconds and saves valuable time in the long run. Keep it on a shelf in your shower, that way you’ll have no excuse. Also, when the shower curtain liner gets nasty, trash it and get a new one.

Clutter-free counters

Caddies can be a girl’s best friend. The big ones can hold your soaps; the little ones can hold your makeup. The key is to have plenty so you know all your products have a place. Store these caddies in a shelf above the toilet or under the sink. The only thing that should stay on the counter is hand soap. A nice fragrant antibacterial soap in a dispenser is the best option.

Toilet troubles, no more

Cleaning the toilet has to be the least desired task in the bathroom cleaning routine. The key to keeping the toilet clean is to keep it from getting icky in the first place. A toilet cleaner that rests in your bowl is the easiest way to keep the cleaning going without any effort.

Reflection perfection

Remember in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the father who believed a spray could cure any aliment? Well, it might not help that big zit you just noticed on your chin, or cure a summer’s case of poison ivy, but a glass-surface cleaner is necessary for that last sparkly finishing touch in a clean bathroom. The mirror is the focal point and keeping it squeaky clean is the quickest way to make your bathroom shine.

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