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Time-saving cleaning tips

Cleaning can be time consuming. With an unlimited array of products proverbially thrown in your face every time you switch on the (often dusty) television, it seems almost impossible to keep cleaning time to an efficient and effective minimum. Try these time-saving cleaning tips and recapture the precious moments of your day.

Wear a tool belt

Get an apron with large pockets to wear while cleaning. Stock the apron full of all of your cleaning necessities such as rags, cleaning wipes, polishes and brushes. By keeping all of the necessary products and tools within arm’s reach, you will save the time and momentum wasted by running back and forth to the cleaning closet.

Only dust low

Save precious time by dusting only where dust is noticeable. As a time-saving rule, don’t dust anything taller than your tallest friend. Don’t worry; no one is going to mount a chair and glove-check the top of your cabinets. Don’t let the dust bunnies gather for long, though: Dust even the highest places at least twice a year.

Schedule vacuuming

Choose a convenient day and time to vacuum your home’s high-traffic areas once a week. Vacuuming weekly will keep stains from building up over time, and you won’t have to stress if surprise guests pop in for a visit. Treating vacuuming like an appointment will keep your home’s high-traffic areas tidy and your mind stress free.

Drop it in

Buy a drop-in toilet cleaner dispenser. This will increase the time between necessary toilet cleanings. Try a scented unit that also will keep your bathroom smelling clean and extra fresh.


Kill two birds with one stone and clean yourself and your shower at the same time. Disrobe and hop in armed with your best scrub brush and favorite cleaning solution. Be cautious if using a harsh cleanser to avoid contact with sensitive areas. Soap up, and then rinse yourself and the shower at once. Both you and your shower will be fresh and clean in half the time!

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