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How to make traveling simple with a pet


We understand when you go out of town that you want to take your precious pooch with you. No matter how much they love staying with your best friend or hanging out with other dogs at special pet hotels, there’s still something tragically sad about having to say goodbye to your baby.

Woman on vacation with dog in car

If your pet’s not particularly fond of being left at a day care and would just rather be with you, it can be that much harder. Having your pet with you at all times can be a comfort for both; however, sometimes what it takes to make sure that happens is nothing but stress and hassle.


Traveling with your pooches on an airline varies. Many charge by weight. It can end up being around $150/dog, and that cost could definitely increase if you’re flying overseas. If your dog is small enough to carry on – you’re lucky! Usually airlines let you carry on your pup like another carry-on bag.

There is some helpful information concerning the ways airlines treat your pets on long, international flights. One person recounted that when they flew Royal Dutch Airlines, their dogs were taken out of their crates during layovers, walked and given fresh water and newspaper in the crate. Swiss Airways has someone wait with your dog near their crate if the layovers aren’t that long.


Road trips may seem a better way to travel with your pet. Beneficially you get to monitor and be with them during your journey. Just keep in mind that pets may require more bathroom breaks than you do. You’ll have to find a place that takes pets if you’re traveling for a long distance or staying in a hotel when you arrive. Many higher-end boutique hotels will do this, but you will probably end up paying more for the privilege.


Be sure to take advantage of the pet-related amenities offered if you are paying to stay in a pet-friendly hotel. Some hotels around the country offer dog walking, special dog treats, and even gourmet dog menus.

Having a pet can definitely complicate and complement your life but make sure you know all the ins and outs before deciding to travel with your pooch. You may want them at your side but sometimes the extra time, cost and hassle may leave you worrying more than if you had left them at home with a friend or at a doggie day care.

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