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Stay active on vacation

If you’re concerned about staying in shape without a gym and equipment, consider these fitness tools to stay fit and trim without ever leaving your hotel.


Not a runner?

When you’re traveling, there are often great running or walking options. But if you’re not up for a jog, a fitness DVD can be a helpful way to burn calories. Fitness DVDs or online workouts will
allow you to work up a sweat with hardcore cardio, strength training using your body weight, or a combination of both. Good recommendations: Cardio-dance DVDs, fat-blasting workouts and
Pilates routines.

Visit the fitness center

To cater to the growing number of business travelers and vacationers who want to stay fit while on the go, hotels are brightening up their fitness centers. Featuring updated cardio and strength
training equipment and on-site personal trainers, hotels are making sure their most health conscious guests can get in a workout. And don’t let you busy schedule deter you; many hotel fitness
centers open early and close late.

Jump in the pool

Water workouts are an effective way to get in shape without the jarring or impact of land-based workouts. Most hotels have an indoor swimming pool, giving you the chance to jump in and swim
yourself fit. Because the swimming pool is popular among the younger hotel guests, consider swimming laps or water jogging early in the morning before the kids get up.

Resistance bands for strength training

You don’t want to lose muscle tone on the road, and you don’t have to — not when there are so many different travel-sized fitness kits with various sizes and levels of resistance bands. You can
use this type of equipment to tone your arms, legs, butt, thighs and core. You can target any area with resistance band strength training, following the suggestions that are included in most kits.
Be sure to check out the many online resistance band workouts, too.

Water-filled weights for resistance training

Collapsible weights that you fill with water can be a good alternative to resistance bands. Try different sizes and fill them up according to how heavy you prefer them. Do one to three sets of 10
to 15 repetitions for each major muscle group: back, chest, arms, butt, legs and core. Not sure which exercises to do? Check out the fitness DVDs that feature strength training with dumbbells or
jump online and find an illustrated strength training workout that is right for you.

Get outdoors and explore

If the weather is nice, venture outdoors for your workouts. Run the trails of a local park. Take advantage of a nearby mountain and go on a hike. Tour the city by taking a power-walk to get the lay
of the land. You can even rent a bicycle in some locales and take in the sites by pedal. 

There is no reason to let your fitness slip while you’re away from home. Great workouts can be a part of having a great trip!

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