Sex and the City summer style

There are few things that make a gal feel better than a warm summer’s day, a fantastic outfit and great friends. Good news: summer is on its way, the “Sex and the City” movie is almost here — and we’ve got your wardrobe refresher ideas covered!

Sex & the City girls in red with flowers

Every woman has a little bit of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha in her. Want to emulate their look without breaking the bank? Check out our Sex and the City summer style tips!

CarrierCarrie Bradshaw

If your style is like Carrie’s, you’re not afraid to step out of the box and take a risk or five. But while Carrie’s eclectic style results from mixing and matching wildly expensive haute couture, you can get a similar effect with creative accessorization.Everyone remembers Carrie’s famous nameplate necklace, big flower pins and love affair with beautiful shoes. You can dress in basics and still get Carrie’s sense of style with wild yet well-placed accessories. Hot this summer: gladiator sandals, thick studded belts, and large floral hairpieces. Getting married? Skip the veil and wear a feather fascinator instead, like Carrie does at right.

MirandaMiranda Hobbes

Hard-working lawyer Miranda was never too busy to pull together a chic outfit. Never overly hip but always on-trend, Miranda’s simple, sexy style is perfect for busy working women, or women who were born with a fabulous accessory like Miranda’s flaming red hair! Her outfits would highlight one thing special and make the most of that — a luxe fabric, a slice of shoulder, a beautiful décolleté. Miranda is not afraid of prints and lush colors — just keep the cut of the outfit simple when going this route.


Samantha Jones

Sexy Samantha is no-holds-barred when it comes to her bedroom or her closet. Forget about age-appropriate –Samantha would strut down the street in little more than a feather boa and stilettos if there were a sexual rendezvous waiting at the other end. If you want Samantha’s summery sex appeal without necessarily letting it all hang out, try a retro-style halter one-piece swimsuit with ruched sides, a tight knee-length skirt with a flirty blouse — and, of course, a statement bag.


Charlotte York

Park Avenue socialite Charlotte wears the ultimate in preppy chic. Her style is simple, elegant and timeless. Emulate it with a great lightweight, knee-length sheath dress in a basic color from The Gap or Banana Republic, taupe shoes, tortoiseshell shades and simple jewelry, like a gold bangle and diamond studs.

Looks to suit you — and your budget, too

The best part? Each of these looks can be adapted to your budget. If you’ve only got a little to spare, hit up discount shops. Forever 21 always has on-trend pieces for less than $30 (and often less than $20), while Old Navy has an array of basics plus great swimwear at very reasonable prices. (Get a great guide to choosing the best swimwear here!) Target has tons of cheap, funky costume jewelry.Enjoy your Sex and the City summer!


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