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Your guide to getaways in Northern Italy


Take a ride with Marmo tours and discover a beautiful marble quarry deep inside a mountain. The first section of the tour is conducted inside a small bus, and traveling through the cave feels like a rocky Disneyland ride.  

Once inside, visitors wear yellow hard hats and walk around the grand Marble Cathedral. There’s a carving in a marble wall that resembles the Virgin Mary and is believed to protect the quarry workers. Carrara is famous for its white marble, used by Michelangelo to carve the statue of David.

Cinque Terre

These five coastal villages (Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarolo, and Riomaggiore) with terraced hills are in Tuscany’s neighboring Liguria region.

One of the best ways to see each village is by boat, which you can take from the dock in Portovenere – a colorful town in La Spezia with a pirate raiding past, typified by pink and yellow buildings with green shutters.

In Monterosso, feast on pasta with pesto and fresh seafood dishes at At Pozzo restaurant and sample wine and limoncello (a liqueur made with local lemons) at Monterosso’s oldest wine shop, Enoteca Internazionale.

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