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Natural hair highlights – Homemade hair treatments

This summer, instead of heading to the salon to get hair highlights, do it yourself at home naturally. Using ingredients you can find in your own kitchen, you can have beautiful sun-highlighted hair in no time.

Woman with naturally highlighted hair

Natural highlights: Lemons, olive oil, honey, beerLemon

The best known of the natural hair highlighters is lemon. Mix 1/4 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice and 3/4 cup of water in spray bottle. Spritz lemon water onto your hair but do not saturate scalp. Leave mixture on your hair for 2 hours, spending at least 30 minutes of that time in the sun. Be sure not to get lemon juice on your skin before going in the sunlight. It could cause blistering. Condition your hair before and after using lemon because it can dry your hair.

Olive oil

You may know that olive oil is a fabulous hair conditioner but many people don’t realize it can be used as a natural hair lightener too. Comb a generous amount of olive oil through your hair. Spend about an hour in the sun and then wash out the oil. Your hair will not only be naturally highlighted, it will be moisturized too! Repeat three days a week until you achieve the desired highlights.

Chamomile tea

Believe it or not, brunettes can get natural golden highlights this summer with chamomile tea. Boil a pot of chamomile tea and allow it to cool completely. Wash and condition your hair normally, then rinse your hair with the tea. Relax outside in the sun with your tea-drenched hair for 30-60 minutes. Repeat every other day until your hair has beautiful natural highlights.


Honey, though very sticky, can actually highlight your hair. You can apply honey straight to your wet hair and leave on for two hours. An alternative method is to mix equal parts of honey, lemon and water in a spray bottle. Apply to damp hair and spend an hour in the sun. You will need to wash your hair twice to get out all the honey. Honey gives hair a lot of bounce and natural highlights.


Light colored beer, such as Corona, is great for adding natural sun-kissed highlights to your hair. Get a six-pack of beer and empty four of the bottles into a basin. Saturate you hair in the beer and then head outside. Drink the other two beers while you wait for the beer to do its magic. About an hour later, rinse out your hair with cool water. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner and style as usual. Repeat 2-3 times a week.

Summer haircare

The Jim Wayne Salon in Beverly Hills is one of the top salons in the country. Celebrity clients include Heidi Klum, Mischa Barton, Jonathan Knight, Keyshia Cold and several others.

We had the opportunity to talk with Jim Wayne and get these expert tips on summer haircare.

Summer haircare tipsWhat trends in color do you see this season?
Blonde, Blonde, Blonde! Blonde goes really well with the primary color trends in fashion right now especially since fashion dictates hair color, and blonde goes with everything. Colors like the reds are beginning to fade out.
Summer haircare tipsWhat are easy ways to make your hair look good at the beach and pool?
Use hair powder and surf spray by Bumble and Bumble. It gives a lot of lift. You can jump in the pool, get it wet and just comb it out. After you get out of the pool, you can just put more in and it’ll pump it right back up.
Summer haircare tipsWhat hair care products to do you recommend to keep hair healthy in the summertime?
Davines buffer gel is an absolute must for the pool and beach. The line also comes with shampoo and conditioner, but is the buffer gel is an absolute must have. It’s not oily or greasy.

Summer haircare tipsAny tips for quick summer hair styles?
Ellis bands (hair bands) are going to continue to be big this summer. The great thing about Ellis bands now is that they come assorted colors to match your outfit. Tape-on and add-on extensions are going to be big, but clip-ons are on the way out because they’re too much of a hassle.

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