29 Reasons to travel the world on your own

You might feel like the ultimate introvert taking a solo trip abroad, but exploring other cultures without a travel buddy can be a fantastic experience no matter what kind of personality you have.

Travel the world all by yourself!

For instance, if you’re shy, you can discover another country quietly. A total extrovert and flirt? What an opportunity to meet people! Are you nervous about not having someone else to rely on?
Well, once you explore the world as a single traveler, you will come back home with more than just happy memories — you’ll have the confidence you can get only from going it alone in a whole new place.

Our top 29 reasons for traveling alone

  1. You don’t need to find someone else who can afford the trip or who cantake time off work.
  2. You can pack as little or as much into each day as you choose. No limits.
  3. You can sleep in. Everyday, if you want. Or go ahead and get up at the crack of down, with no worries about disturbing your roomie.
  4. No need to bicker over the best way to get somewhere. You’re always right.
  5. Had enough of the museum after just an hour? No pressure to stay — you can leave anytime.
  6. You’ll have a chance to put those foreign language lessons you took in high school to work, because nobody else will be there to translate for you.
  7. You won’t need to share the bathroom with a roommate. That means no waiting to use the loo, and nobody else’s clutter around the sink or wet towels on the floor.
  8. There’s no “late” or need to rush when you’re not sticking to someone else’s agenda.
  9. You won’t have to deal with someone slowing you down — whether they take forever to get dressed or walk at a snail’s pace.
  10. No one will know if you wear the same jeans every single day.
  11. Girl backpackingThere will
    never be an argument about where to eat. It’s your call every time.
  12. You can sit and stare at Botticelli’s Primavera or the Venus de Milo or Rembrandt’s self-portrait for as long as you want.
  13. You can enjoy the silence without having to make chit-chat with someone all the time.
  14. Or… you can walk around with your iPhone, iPod or MP3 player on and let the
    music narrate your trip.
  15. If something doesn’t go as planned (or even turns into a downright mess), nobody else will blame you.
  16. Want to ditch the day’s plan and just hang out watching the locals? No argument about that.
  17. There’s always room for just one more — in elevators, at restaurants, for a museum tour, or on the subway or bus.
  18. It’s a lot easier for one person to blend in and look (and act) like a local. What better way to really get a feel for a country’s culture?
  19. Nobody — except street people — will ask you for money, and no one will hold a grudge against you all the way home if you don’t pony up.
  20. No need to worry about your travel buddy coming back to the hotel room with some weird guy.
  21. Nobody will mind if you choose to come back to your room with some hot guy.
  22. There won’t be anyone to get all miffed if you stay out all night.
  23. If you end up doing something really embarrassing, no one will share that story back home.
  24. You can eat as much as — or as little as — you want (and whatever you want), and nobody’s going to comment.
  25. You can spend hours browsing and shopping with nobody prompting you to hurry up.
  26. People’s reactions when they find out you’re planning to travel — or are traveling — solo will be priceless. (And they’ll probably envy your chutzpah.)
  27. You’ll have a lot of alone time to get to know yourself a little better, without any of the distractions of home.
  28. You will probably surprise yourself with how self-sufficient you can be when you’re thousands of miles and an ocean away from home.
  29. When you finally get back home, you’ll be really proud that you did it — and loved it.

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