Sexy workout clothes

You try to look sizzling when you go out at night, so why not turn up the heat when you workout too? If you look good, you’ll likely feel good too and we can all use that moral boost when it comes to pushing our bodies to limit and working up a sweat. Whether you’re going for a jog, lifting at the gym or taking a group class, purchase workout clothes that you actually want to exercise in.

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Sexy exercise gear from head to toe

You never know who you’ll meet while you work it all off. A new activewear wardrobe can provide you with the exercise inspiration you need to get off the sofa. Lauren Conrad told Shape magazine that it took getting a whole slew of cute workout clothes to motivate her to hit the gym.

Zobha workout top for womenWorkout gear for your upper half

When it comes to tops, tanks are clearly the go-to in terms of staying cool and showing off your arms and shoulders. Look for creative variations on the classic tank. Zobha has a number of sharp and trendy color block designs with the added plus of 360-degree shelf bras. And if you’re not ready to show off your midsection, their shirts are hip length and keep you covered. In addition to their more classic tanks, Nike offers some fun and flirty corset-inspired options. Looking to rock some cleavage? Tanks by FitnessFit are just low-cut enough to show off your assets without having to worry about putting on a show.

Tip on looking cute during and after your workout


Have somewhere to be post workout? Be prepared to dress up your exercise tank just enough to run your errands before going home to shower off that sweat from exercise success.

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Sexy Lucy yoga workout pants for womenExercise gear for your lower half

Stretch pants by Hard Tail are a sure bet. Their bootleg pants with their signature foldover are incredibly comfortable and flattering, especially on your behind. Another great activewear line is Lucy, which offers pants in all different fits, fabrics, sizes and inseams to make sure you get a pair that really fits. Both of these options rank on the pricey side. So if you’re daunted by the price, any stretch yoga pant will provide similar results (for example the C9 by Champion line available at Target). And as with all clothing, black is slimming. If its too hot out for full-length pants, try them in a capri or knee-length. The fit will still flatter your body’s best assets.

Sweat stain quandries

Matthew McConaughey may be able to make pit stains seem sexy but for the rest of us mere mortals, sweat stains aren’t particularly becoming or comfortable. If sweat is a concern for you, be sure to look for apparel with moisture wicking qualities. Apparel giant Under Armour is a leader in the field with their moisture-wicking and odor-eliminating HeatGear fabric.

Tips on finding sexy workout clothes

Treating yourself to a sexy get up for the gym is a great way to reward yourself and get something in return for your splurge … results! So, this summer treat yourself to some hot workout clothes. Short of a hunky personal trainer, few things will get you as excited to hit the gym.

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