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Sexy shadows, glowing skin

As I prepare for a move and clean out my makeup bin, I realize I have a ton of products. Quantity doesn’t equate quality though, and taking stock of the excess in our lives make the most awesome new fines stand out all the more.

Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Rebirth eye color

Fashion bibles tell us that denim is an evergreen (err blue) wardrobe staple. We know this to be true because we have twelve pairs of jeans in our closet.

It makes sense, then, that our eye color learns to accessorize this obsession – and Rebirth is an iridescent denim shade created by customers in honor of BE Cares, Bare Escentuals’ corporate
philanthropy program. For every purchase of Rebirth, 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief International and Leslie Blodgett, CEO of Bare Escentuals, will donate an additional
amount equal to 50%. The sexy blue will bring out your eyes, and you’ll feel great about yourself knowing that not only do you look good – but your purchase is helping you do good.

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup

I cannot stop wearing this stuff.

Yes, we already know that mineral makeup is the latest, craziest, rage in skincare. Some of us may even get why. What makes this makeup standout from the rest of the crowd? In a word, nirvana.

Other brands’ mineral makeup may be hot stuff (and some of it is) but it needs to be poured and brushed and swirled and whatnot. That can complicate matters if you are brushing it on as you
run to catch a subway. Surreal Skin comes with an attached puff. You just puff it on, and the finish is surreally perfect. This is my new number-one purse staple.

Per-fekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel

Wind burn, breakouts, and sun mishaps mean skin that needs to be evened out sometimes. As does enlarged pores and fine lines. We all have our reasons – and now I found a tinted moisturizer
that seems to work in a big way.

Per-fect Beauty Skin Perfection Gel helps maintain hydration and even out tone while also leaving a natural-looking glow. It works great when paired with your mineral makeup or bronzing powder, and
even comes in a mini size perfect for stashing in your purse or gym bag.

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