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Five ways to clean pet hair


Cleaning up after your pet can feel like a never-ending task. Just when you clean the pet hair off your couch, kitty lies in the same spot and leaves you another furry mess. While it may be frustrating, there are ways to make the process of tidying up after your animal a little easier.

Cat on bed

Nip it in the bud

Unless you buy a hairless animal, you really can’t stop them from shedding. However, you can minimize the amount of hair they leave behind. Brushing your pet on a regular basis, say, every one to two weeks, you will reduce the time it takes to clean up after them. We are obsessed with the FURminator, a brush designed to remove pets’ undercoat.

Cut your dog’s hair in the spring and fall. These are the seasons they shed the most to make way for new coats. Cutting your dog’s hair at these times will cut down on the amount of hair they leave behind.

Try a lint remover

lint roller

It’s probably the most common product used to relieve your clothes of pet hair — and for a good reason — it’s easy. The rollers come compact enough so you can put them in your purse or car for all the hair you missed on your way out of the house.Try a lint roller

Lint rollers also come extra wide with long handles for easy use on your furniture. This can be much easier and quicker than using your vacuum.

Suck it up

GREAT TIP:Before you vacuum, try spraying a mix of liquid fabric softener with water and spray in on your carpet an hour before you vacuum in order to help loosen the hair embedded in your rugs.

Certain vacuums are better at picking up animal hair than others. It seems some vacuums get clogged by all the hair, but if you get one with heavy-duty suction and a brush roll, you’ll have better luck. Dyson has several models that do the trick.

Pull on the gloves

Rubber gloves are an excellent way to rid your clothes and furniture of pet hair. Just put them on and wipe your hand over the furry area. You’ll be amazed at how much hair you pick up.

Wash the hair away

Many times you wash your clothes or blankets in the wash, only to find they still have hair on them. Next time you go shopping, look for detergent that is specially designed to eliminate pet hair, like Le Chien et Le Chat. If that still doesn’t work, use fabric-softener sheets to pick up the excess hair you missed.

Maintain a healthy diet

Pay close attention to what you feed your pet. Provide them with a diet of protein, vitamins and Omega-Fatty Acids to promote not only healthy weight, but also reduced shedding. Of course, you should always check with your vet when deciding on any diet changes.

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