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10 tips for sexy summer legs

Want long, lean legs like Gwyneth Paltrow (shown below) or Heidi Klum? Don’t we all! While we can’t promise that these 10 tips will instantly give you supermodel stems, read on for advice on what to wear to make the most of your gorgeous gams. Summer, here we come!

1. Rule the empire

When choosing dresses for those humid summer days, opt for those with an empire waist. Since the waistline falls just below the bustline, it’ll instantly elongate your entire body, making your bottom half especially look long and lean.

2. You deserve an A

A-Line skirts also do the trick. Stick with skirt lengths that fall an inch or two above the knee to flatter. But avoid skirts that fall below the knee or hit mid-calf — visually, this will cut your entire body in half!

3. Some pants a-long

Just because temperatures are rising, don’t shy away from pants. The wide-legged pairs, which flare out on the bottom and hug hips, make legs look miles long. Pointy heels will pull the whole look together and instantly add inches to your frame.

4. Bare it, Bermuda-style

On days that are too hot for jeans, opt for cropped Bermuda shorts. Shorts like these, whether wide-legged or form-fitting, hit just above the knee and emphasize toned calves. The newest styles range from denim to khaki, seersucker to patterned, so you’re bound to find a pair for all occasions.

5. Show ’em off

Short shorts and minis also draw attention to your legs. No longer just for pre-teens and camp counselors, shorts and skirts that hit mid-thigh create a streamlined look, giving a glimpse of your gams from (almost) top to bottom. Sexy! (Just don’t pull a Britney and skip the panties.)

6. Heavenly heels

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it really does work! Stiletto heels make even the shortest legs look a mile long. If sky-high 5-inch Christian Louboutin’s are not for you, try a two or three inch pair instead. They’ll give the same sexy effect, but with some much-needed comfort.

7. Best bottom lines

For a day on the beach when heels are a no-no, your legs can still look gorgeous! Just choose bathing suit bottoms that are high-cut, or a bikini bottom with thin ties on either side. Stay away from boy shorts or briefs, though—they’ll only make your thighs look chunky. (Get some great bathing suit buying tips in this article.)

8. Sandal smarts

Don’t shy away from the new chunky sandals that are popping up on runways this season. While the thickness of the heel may intimidate many, most are actually comfortable, practical — and surprisingly slimming! Chunky heels and wedges will lengthen and flatter even legs that aren’t in tip-top shape.

9. Look at layers

Layered tops will also surprisingly elongate your body. While it’s too hot to load on the layers this time of the year, pair a flouncy tunic that hits just above the knee with slimming leggings for a similar look. It’ll draw attention to — and streamline — your lower body.

10. Prints charming

Don’t be afraid of prints! While most busy, bold prints aren’t flattering on any body type, pants or skirts with vertical stripes instantly lengthen. But if you’re going to go bold, stick to one pattern in your ensemble — too many and your body will look choppy and ill-proportioned. These ten style tips will get your legs looking gorgeous in no time. And hey, it’s a whole lot easier than doing squats or lunges!

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