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Hot weather beauty & body care tips: Summer beauty head to toe

When it’s hot outside, that means a lot of work for your beauty regimen: Getting in good shape to wear a swimsuit, taking care of your skin and hair, and buying the best bikini swimwear. Here’s a collection of great hot weather beauty and body tips.

Head to toe summer beauty

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summer beauty Guide

Get toned up for summer

No t-shirts covering up your swimsuit this summer — this year it’s all about being confident and comfortable with your body and showing off some skin. Get your body pooltime-ready with these quick toning tips and exercises!

Summer beauty tipsTone your top half: Get your upper body fit and fabulous

Summer beauty tipsBuild up those beautiful arms

Summer beauty tipsGet great abs: Easy ways to strengthen your core

Summer beauty tips3 Steps to a better butt

Summer beauty tipsSexy stems: Get gorgeous toned legs


Summer skin care tips

Caring for your skin during the hot weather months can be a challenge — as the weather warms and the humidity skyrockets, our skin reacts. Here are some of our recommendations on caring for your summer skin.

Summer skincare tips10 Ways to remedy summer skin disasters

Summer skincare tipsHot weather makeup

Summer skincare tipsBronzers 101: Look baked, not caked

Summer skincare tipsHow to make your pedicure last

Summer skincare tipsSummer haircare:  Don’t fry your hair

Summer skincare tipsStay smooth down there: Bikini line care


Summer style trends and tips

Summer fashion inevitably means showing more skin — and for many of us, this is a scary prospect! We’ve gathered up some of best tips below to help you achieve the sexiest summer you this year.

Summer style trends and tipsFind the perfect sandals: 10 Cute springy espadrilles

Summer style trends and tipsFind the best swim suit for your body type

Summer style trends and tips8 Great summer beauty fixes

Summer style trends and tips6 Beach bag beauty essentials

Summer style trends and tipsFind the best shorts for your shape

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