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Eco-Friendly Food on Sundance Channel

Eco-Friendly Food airs on April 29 on the Sundance Channel. In honor of Earth Day, eco-friendly food is just one of the many environmental issues that will be presented as part of THE GREEN, Sundance Channel’s weekly primetime show focusing on green themes. Tune in on Tuesday’s 9:00 pm ET/PT for a new episode of Big Ideas for a Small Planet. Learn more about how eco-friendly practices can change the environment and your life

Farm Landscape


The cost of industrial food production and environmentally damaging farm practices go beyond the cost at the supermarket check-out line. Despite carbon emissions, loss of biodiversity, water pollution and topsoil erosion, there are farmers and other eco-conscious food producers that are lessening their impact on the environment with eco-friendly practices.


Eco-Friendly Food, airing Tuesday April 29 at 9:00 pm ET/PT will explore the different eco-friendly ways that farmers, food professionals and even ordinary people are providing nourishment through environmentally-friendly food and wine.

Sundance will visit Andy and Rachel Berliner of Amy’s Kitchen, who deliver organic, locally grown frozen and canned foods to your neighborhood supermarket. They will be presenting a new kid-friendly quesadilla. Yum!

At New Mexico’s Twin Buttes High School, students from the local Zuni tribe will show you how they are cultivating a year-round organic garden that they planted in conjunction with their decision to stop eating processed school lunches.

For you wine connoisseurs, the Benziger Family Winery in Sonoma, California will give you an inside-view of their biodynamic viticultural practices that not only result in fine wines but also preserve their farmlands for generations to come.

Visit Sundance Channelfor complete descriptions of each segment in the eco-series. You can even download Big Ideas for a Small Planet videos of each eco-show.

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