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Combine closet cleaning with a spring wardrobe shopping strategy

Spring cleaning fever strikes at the very moment you’re desperate to put away heavy coats and step out in new spring fashions. Make the most of this coincidence by combining your efforts to unclutter your closet and update your wardrobe.

Work Backwards

So you’re staring at your closet and wondering what to keep and what to toss. Begin by reviewing the most recent season’s clothing, shoes and accessories. In this case, it will be your winter wear. You’ve just lived through the season and you know what you’ve been wearing and what’s been gathering dust.

Create a donation or garage sale pile for everything you didn’t wear or that you know is too trendy or dated to be fashionable by next year. Apply the same principles to other seasonal clothes, using memory as your guide. If you do this at the change of every season, you’ll have a continuously clutter-free closet.

Organize to Shop Wise

Before you head to the store to do your spring shopping, organize the clothes, shoes and accessories that remain. Put your shoes in a visible location, such as a stackable shelf or shoe rack, and categorize by type, keeping sandals, heels and boots all together. Hang your short sleeve shirts and blouses in one area, your skirts and pants in another.

By reorganizing your clothes, not only will you make it easier to find things in the morning as you get dressed, but you also create a mental catalogue of what you already own, and what you may need to complete, update or accessorize an outfit before you go shopping.

Spring Smarts

Now that you’ve got the clutter under control, reward yourself with some fresh new clothes! But just as you wouldn’t shop for groceries without a list, take a moment to plan your trip.

Analyze what kinds of clothing you need most based on how you spend your time. Is the majority of your day spent at work, at home, or with kids? Make the most of your budget and your closet space by deciding what you’ll wear most often and spend primarily in those categories, saving a portion of your budget for other, less frequent needs. Remember, too, that by shopping at stores that offer name brands at a discount, you can splurge on fun, fashionable clothes that make you feel spring-pretty — and all without paying splurge prices!

By combining these activities, you’ll get a clean closet and a kicky new look — what could be smarter?

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