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10 fashion trends you’ll regret in 20 years

Certain trends are so exaggerated and ubiquitous that they define our time. And for every huge trend, there is unavoidable backlash. No matter how cool we think we look today, it’s inevitable that in twenty years what we’re wearing now will be dated.
Blame Hollywood for many of these so-called fashions. Celebrities have somehow managed to convince us that the crap they wear is “in” — no matter how ugly it may be. 
If you’ve ever wondered what might be our generation’s future style regrets, here are ten that come to mind.

1. Over-tanning

We’re more obsessed than ever about getting the perfect tan. We go to great lengths to achieve the right tone, sacrificing our money (fake tanning isn’t cheap) or our health (skin cancer is as big an epidemic as ever). Look around and you’ll find every second person you see is an alarming shade of orange… and that percentage is higher if you’re in Southern California.
Two of the more egregious “fake-n-bake” offenders are Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera:

Lindsay Lohan/Christina Aguliera - self-tanner abusers

Left:  Actress Lindsay Lohan / Right: Singer Christina Aguilera

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