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Eco-friendly pet practices


There are many areas in your life to be environmentally conscious – at home, in your car, at work and on vacation. However one area that may not dawn on you is with your pet. Even though they’re cute and cuddly, our furry friends can have a damaging effect on the planet as well. But good news! There are several ways you can curb their negative effects on the earth.

doggie bags

Cleaning up after a dog’s waste is an unpleasant fact of life, but it can also be an easy place to start making more eco-friendly choices for your pet. Instead of using plastic bags to scoop up your dog’s poop, use biodegradable bags, as they won’t contribute to the mounds of garbage already piling up in landfills.

litter boxes

If you are a cat owner, you should avoid clumping clay litter, as it is strip-mined (in other words, bad for the planet), permeated with carcinogenic silica dust that can coat your cat’s lungs and infused with sodium bentonite, which can poison your beloved feline. Some suggested eco-friendly litters include, Feline Pine, World’s Best Cat Litter and Swheat Scoop. Or try using baking soda, tea leaves and shredded up newspaper.

health food for pets

You don’t want to put unhealthy food into your system, so why would you subject your pet to it? Instead of feeding your pet food made with low-grade animal by-products, give them organic food instead, which consists of meat raised humanely and naturally with no added drugs or hormones.

pet care products

Just like for humans, there are natural pet care and cleaning products on the market. So when purchasing shampoos or items to clean up after Rover’s messes, read the labels and look for non-toxic products.

toys and accessories

When buying items for your cat, dog, rabbit, etc., look for toys and accessories made from recycled material or sustainable fibers, such as hemp or organic cotton. Everyone’s on the “green” kick, so you should be able to easily find collars, beds, chew toys and the like made from recycled or organic materials.

icy conditions ahead

If you live in a cold weather state, buy deicers that are safe for pets. As animals have a tendency to lick and put everything they find in their mouths, using safe products that do not contain Ethylene Glycol or Propylene Glycol will ensure their safety.

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