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Make a clean break from a beauty rut

When you look in the mirror, do you see the same thing you’ve seen for as long as you can remember? If your look is outdated, old-fashioned, or just plain boring, it’s time to make yourself over.

Fresh new you

Use these tips to break free from your old style and step into a fresh new you!

Out with the old products and in with the new

If you’ve been buying the same product for more than three years, stop. When you get too familiar and comfortable with a shade of lipstick or a type of shampoo, you stop looking for ways to look your best and start settling into habit. Make a point to not look the same way every day. Have three or four different looks that you alternate, incorporating different shades of makeup, different hairstyles, and different clothing. Be as daring as your job and lifestyle will allow and push the envelope every once in awhile. It’s fun!

Be trendy

Look at magazines to keep up on new, fresh styles. Find models of your approximate age, coloring, and taste and try to figure out what makes them look great. You don’t have to imitate what you see, but you can use it as inspiration on your next shopping trip.

Have fun

Enjoy a new treatment you’ve never experienced: an exotic facial or massage, an adventurous nail color for your hands and feet. Try everything once before you settle into what you like best. Also, visit different spas and salons and you may find that what you thought you didn’t like at one place you will at another.

Get experimental

On your next trip to the hairstylist, tell her to do whatever she wants and not ask you for permission. Then tell a fashionable friend to give you a makeover the way she’s always wanted to see you look. Force yourself to commit to your new look for a month to allow yourself time to get used to it. Even in a worst-case scenario, the good news is everything can be undone. Makeup washes off, hair grows out and clothing can be sent to the charity bin. But you’ll have spent a month surprising everyone you know — including yourself!

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