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Eco-friendly attire

With the growing popularity and understanding of going green, many people are looking for organic and sustainable living options that are chic, earth friendly, and don’t break the bank. One of these options is to literally walk the talk by wearing chic eco-friendly attire that literally makes a statement.

302designs, an organic and inspirational apparel company that is 100 percent sweatshop-free, announces the launch of new designs to their limited edition organic T-shirts titled:  Perspective (“Remember the dark recesses of the soul, you’ll appreciate the light when times become bold.”), Elevation (“Let not the colors of your feathers determine your heights.”), and Crescendo (“There’s a fire in me, a passion so hot, that if you tapped it, you’d get burned.”).

With the launch of these designs, also comes the distribution of the product through a network of retail boutiques and wholesale channels worldwide. Catering to environmentalists, visionaries, trendsetters, and dreamers, 302designs is an accessible and laid-back fashion resource packed with passion and inspiration.

In keeping with their cyclical philosophy of: Create, Share, Give Back, the company has formed the 302 Foundation, which is a fund to help support those they feel live a life in a positive, progressive fashion.

Seven percent of their profits go toward supporting a worthy cause. Currently, they are working to fund supporters of sustainable development and those impassioned by progressive business practice.

For more information about these T-shirts, visit

Another new clothing line that features fabulous T-shirt designs is Red Lotus Clothing.

Founded in June 2007 by 27-year-old Southern California native Annie Le, Red Lotus Clothing is geared toward the 18-35 year old consumer with fun, sexy, and sassy designs and slogans for women and men. The clothing line is designed with Annie’s vision in mind: empowering young people of all ages, races, and backgrounds to explore and fulfill their dreams.

Men’s T-shirt designs include: WTF (Whisky Tango Foxtrot); Sorry For What I Said During My Blackout; It Looks Big On Me; among others.

Women’s T-shirt designs include: I wish These Were Brains; I Got To Vietnam Before McDonald’s Did; In Vino Veritas…In Wine There Is Truth; and more! check out the website at

These fun T-shirts would make great gifts for just about anyone, or you can add a few to your own collection for Spring. T-shirts are casual, sassy and never go out of style. You can wear them year in and year out. This season, instead of puting on another plain T-shirt, pick out one of these shirts and make a statement with your wardrobe!

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