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How to throw an Oscar party

“I’d like to thank God… and my stylist.”

Oscars poster - 2008It’s almost that time again — your chance to watch over-dramatic speeches, fashion faux-pas, and debates over the Academy’s decision process. The 80th Annual Academy Awards will be live this year on February 24th, and we’ve come up with some suggestions for throwing your own Oscar party that’s stylish and fun — and not nearly as pricey as Hollywood’s lavish affairs. (Granted, it won’t be quite as star-studded, either.)Glam it up!
Ask guests to be creative with their dress in your invitations. Think sunglasses, costume jewelry, top hats, and boas are all easy ways to look evoke old Hollywood glamour. And as the host this is your time to break out the glitzy dress that’s been collecting dust in your closet.Set the mood
Keep lighting dim and hang up old movie posters. Decorate the buffet table with confetti, glitter, and anything that shines. Hang unused rolls of film from the ceiling. Play memorable movie theme music during the commercials.Roll out the red carpet
Enlist a few friends to be the paparazzi for the night. Ask them to snap photos as guests enter the front door (even better if there will be a red carpet to welcome them). Head to your local crafts store and get a couple of yards of cheap red cloth. Make sure to tape down all sides, so you’re not fixing the carpet as it shifts throughout the night Jon Stewart - 80th Academy Awards/OscarsNo nose-bleed seats
Set up plenty of comfortable seating around the TV so that everyone at the party can see the screen. And keep plenty of pillows handy so guests will be comfortable during the long-winded speeches. Place your ballots
Pass out pens and ballots at the beginning of the night listing all the nominees and have everyone vote on who they think the winners will be. The Academy Awards website even has pre-made Oscar ballot that you can print out for your guests — grab it here.“And the winner Is…”
Present a fake Oscar, bottle of champagne or DVD to the person who guesses the most winners. And if you want to be creative, make up your own categories like “Most Pretentious Speech” or “Worst Fashion Mistake.” And of course, whoever predicts the winners has to make an acceptance speech.Refreshments
Have snacks handy so guests can nibble from their seats but also dress up a table in another room for those who want a break from the show and to keep the party circulating. Put perfect movie-watching snacks like popcorn, Milk Duds, and Junior Mints in party hats. And make sure there is plenty of bubbly to toast the winners — or make up your own Hollywood-inspired cocktails, such as an Atoneminti, or a non-alcoholic alternative like Juno Juice.

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