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How to feng shui your home


Feng shui, the art of arranging your surroundings to create a maximum flow of positive energy, is a great design principle that can create a haven of peace and calm in your home. Here’s how to use feng shui in your home!

1) Clean up the clutter

Getting rid of what you don’t want makes room for what you do want.

2) Green up

Houseplants literally clear the air and brighten up the atmosphere. Just avoid anything spikey, like cacti — very bad feng shui.

3) Broken? Toss it

According to feng shui principles, broken items foster pessimism and frustration. That’s not something you need to keep around.

4) Get in position

Where you place your furniture can have a huge influence on your mood. Consult a feng shui book for details on where to place everything from your bed to your garbage can.

5) Get picture perfect

Surrounding ourselves with meaningful, positive artwork fosters a meaningful, positive environment and state of being.

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