Expert tips for beautiful hair highlights

As the warmer weather approaches this season, make sure that not only is your style up to par, but your hair color, as well. Try this 5 tips for perfectly highlighted hair!

Highlighting hype

All highlights are not created equal and nothing ruins a terrific look like bad hair color. Therefore, it’s very important to get your color done by a reputable stylist who you trust.

Hiro Haraguchi, owner of New York City’s chic Hiro Haraguchi Salon, provides us with expert advice for achieving sexy hair highlights during the spring and summer months.

Keep these tips in mind when planning your next trip to the hair salon:

For non-blondes

Brunettes don’t need a full head of highlights. Rather than covering your head in foils, have your colorist paint lighter pieces into your hair before rinsing out your color. This creates depth and dimension that enhances the natural tone of your hair.

The buzz about short hair

Want to brighten up your short ‘do with some highlights? Have your colorist concentrate your highlights on areas with the most length, like the front of your hair. Just say no to highlights at the shortest pieces near the back of your head — zebra stripes are an unflattering look for anyone.

Drab to fab makeover

When you don’t have the time or the cash for highlights, ask for a color-refreshing rinse. It takes just five minutes and is a fraction of the cost of highlighting. So you can look great on-the-go without breaking the bank.

The good, the bad and the unslightly

Good highlights last for three months. It’s always a bad idea to over-highlight you hair — less is more! Keep unsightly roots under control with a single-process between touch-ups.


If you’re looking for color but nothing permanent, try clip-on multi-tone hair extensions, in whimsical colors like bright pink, orange and blue. They are the perfect accessory to give hair a dramatic-yet-temporary splash of color for a night on the town.


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