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7 ways to feel more beautiful

It’s easy to get caught in rut and start feeling a little less than beautiful. With the demands of work, family and other obligations, busy women oftentimes don’t take time out for themselves. Instead of feeling down and out, treat yourself to a little bit of pampering and fun. Here are seven very simple things you can do to start feeling a little more beautiful, feminine and confident about yourself.

Long Blonde HairGet a new haircut

Nothing makes you feel more fantastic than a fabulous new haircut. Don’t just get a trim; get a completely new style. Bring magazines or photographs to the salon and let the stylist help you to achieve a whole new look. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try a new color or add highlights. Dare to get layers or go short!

Wear pink or red

Pink and red fashions aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. These fabulous, fun colors are terrific anytime! A pink sweater set or red pair of pumps will have you feeling like a beautiful woman once again.

Put on a push-up bra

Embrace your femininity with a low-cut top and a great push-up bra. A push-up bra adds instant cleavage and instant confidence. It’s flirty and fun – even if you are just dressing up for your own husband!

Get a salon pedicure

Everyone needs a little pampering every now and then. A salon pedicure is an inexpensive treat that will make you have more than happy feet! It’s relaxing, invigorating and your toes will look fantastic in your sandals!

Add some shiny lip gloss

If you don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, a slick, shiny lip gloss is all you need. Apply your favorite lipstick as usual, then add a touch of clear gloss in the center of your bottom lip. Smack your lips together and you’ve got instant glamour.

Buy something brand new

You don’t need to break the bank on a shopping spree. Just pick up something small, yet indulgent that’s all about you. Have you been eyeing a new evening handbag or a bright new scarf? Buy something you really love and make sure to wear it often!

Wear high heels to the grocery store

Practical? No. Fun? Definitely. Next time you need to go grocery shopping, put on a pair of high heels. You don’t need to dress to the nines. Just a pair of high heels with jeans is enough to make you feel good.

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