Beautify your feet with plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a trend that keeps growing year to year. Eye lifts, tummy tucks, cheek implants … we’ve seen it all when it comes to plastic surgery. But what about your feet? As the cosmetic benefits of foot surgery are becoming more established, more and more women are stepping forward to seek out the latest innovative techniques. I am not talking just about surgeries to correct bunions or reduce foot pain. Some women are actually having surgery just to beautify their feet.

Rumors claim that some ladies have even had their pinky toe removed just to fit more comfortably in pointed shoes! I’m not sure any of us should go that far! However, there are some pluses to other procedures.

Dr. Oliver Zong, Surgical Director of NYC FootCare offers several corrective foot surgeries that can turn your feet from scary to sexy. In addition to your standard corn and bunion removal, Dr. Zong provides various toe beautifying surgeries. For those who suffer from overweight toes and desire slimmer, more petite feet, Dr. Zong’s performs surgical options to make fat toes slim to accommodate their strappy sandals.

The Toe Tuck

This involves surgery of the pinky toe to make the toe slimmer. Often painful, unsightly corns on the pinky toe are also removed. The Toe Tuck allows for a better fit into stylish shoes especially if your pinky toes tend to get cramped in shoes.

Toe Slimming

This procedure involves slimming of the tips of the toes where fatty deposits may cause the toes to look uneven.

Toe Shortening

This procedure is most commonly for the second toe (next to the big toe) although any toe can be shortened. Like the hammertoe surgery, incisions are carefully placed between the toes so visible scarring is minimized.

“It’s obvious that any patient concerned enough to undergo a toe shortening procedure would also prefer as minimally visible a scar as possible. With our incision there is no visible scar,” says Dr. Zong.

The pictures shown here from Dr. Zong are before and after cosmetic toe surgery.

Cosmetic Foot Surgery - Before

Cosmetic Foot Surgery - After

Cosmetic foot surgery is still very controversial in the medical community. Dr. Steven K.D. Ross, president of the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) and Dr. James R. Christina, Director of Scientific Affairs for the AOFAS discussed the benefits and risks associated with cosmetic foot surgery in an article a few months ago.

“I don’t do cosmetic foot surgery,” Dr. Ross said. “On the balance of risks and benefits, the surgery does not hold up.”

Dr. Ross also explained that having a longer second toe is a natural condition. “About one-third of people have a second toe that is longer than their big toe, which means that it is a normal type of foot,” he noted.

Dr. Christina believes that purely cosmetic foot surgery is not performed as often as it is talked about.

“In the Washington area, I have not seen a big push nor have I heard from my colleagues that a lot of patients are looking for it,” said Dr. Christina.

The bottom line is that cosmetic foot surgery is just like any other type of plastic surgery. You need to think long and hard before going under the knife. Weigh all the risks and benefits; take the time to undergo several consultations. Only you can make the right decision about your body.

Dr. Oliver Zong is a podiatrist in Manhattan’s influential Financial District. As one of the premier cosmetic foot surgeons in the country, he serves as the Director of Surgery at NYC FOOTCARE and is on the Board of Directors at Gramercy Park Surgery Center. Learn more about Dr. Zong and his procedures at

You can also read more about cosmetic foot surgery from Dr. Ross and Dr. Christina at


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