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Anti-Superbowl fun for the gals

If the thought of sitting through another beer-soaked, testosterone-laded Superbowl Sunday makes you cringe, it’s time to take it back — back to the end zone-free zone. All you’ll need is a few like-minded ladies and home-field advantage, and you can score a get-together touchdown. Get inspiration from these local anti-Superbowl events:

The Motel Bar in Chicago hosts a women-only event called “Widows of the Super Bowl.” The game day plays include manicures, cocktails, and shopping, as the hotel invites boutiques to come set up shop for those in attendance.

  • At home version: Revert back to your teen years and have the gals over for some makeover fun. Better yet, chip in to hire a beauty stylist to come over and give lessons on makeup application.

New York City’s Magnolia Bakery suggests a Ladies’ Super Mixing Bowl, where a bunch of girlfriends get together in the sweet shop’s private party room on game-day to bake and decorate signature Magnolia Bakery sweets.

  • At home version: Have a cookie party with each lady bringing a recipe they’ve been dying to try out. Once all the cookies are ready, the gals get first dibs. Then share the leftovers with the guys post-game.

Women take the concept of fantasy football literally at the Four Seasons hotel in Washington D.C. The hotel’s Fantasy Foot Ball is all about shoe shopping, raffle prizes, freebies, delicious food and even shoe-tinis.

  • At home version: Host a shopping party with vendors like Avon, Pampered Chef, or Tupperware. Fun for everyone, discounts for you.

Some women are choosing to go all in on Superbowl Sunday, at the World Poker Tour Ladies™ event at Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. The No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament will take place Saturday and Sunday of Super Bowl weekend.

  • At home version: On Superbowl Sunday, there are many “Desperate Housewives,” so make like them and get a friendly girls-only game together.

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