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Skin care tips for women on the go

Your skin reflects your lifestyle. And, if you’re like many women today, you live every day on the go! But relax — if you’re feeling stressed, it doesn’t have to show.
Find out which short-term solutions can reap you and your skin long-term rewards:

First step

The first step to maintaining healthy skin involves keeping your face free of oil, dirt and makeup that can cause black heads, visible pores and other blemishes.


Biore’s Deep Pore Cleansing Cloths are infused with grapefruit and pomegranate to provide a natural, deep clean, while exfoliating and refining skin texture.


Quick wash

A quick wash with mild soap and lukewarm water followed by an application of an anti-aging moisturizer is a great way for a busy woman to cleanse her face. But cleansing alone is not enough – it’s important to exfoliate, tone and moisturize as well.

more than cleansing

Today’s woman on the go doesn’t have time to make frequent trips to the beauty salon. And in the era of multi-tasking, women are seeking ways to maintain healthy skin with a single-product beauty regimen.

Single-product beauty regimen

SheKnows has found such a product. With just a quick swab to the face, Biore’s Deep Pore Cleansing Cloths leave skin clean and refreshed — and it’s easier than a quick trip to the sink to wash your face!

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