Wardrobe trends for 2008

Many fashion trends from 2007 can be carried over through 2008. Therefore, you don’t need to buy a bunch of new pieces for your wardrobe. You can just build upon what you have. In this video, Molly from Ford Models talks about five fashion trends from last year that she’s bringing forward to 2008.

Skinny jeans
She takes a classic pair of skinny jeans and adds some personal touches to make them unique.


Bold necklaces
Bold, chunky geometric jewelry was popular all last season and that’s continuing in 2008.


Bangles are becoming a mainstay in fashion. Whether you choose a to wear a dozen skinny gold bangles or just a single colorful chunky one, that’s up to you.


Ballet flats
Metallic silver ballet flats are almost a staple now. These comfortable, chic shoes are perfect to dress up even the most casual outfit.


Leopard prints
Leopard print dresses, shoes and accessories continue to be popular. In the video, Molly shows off a simple, tunic mini-dress in an eye-catching leopard print.


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