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Best travel gadgets – and how to keep them organized

One way to make travel a little more comfortable is to take some of your favorite electronics, or gadgets, along with you.

Travel Gadgets

If you have tried this and found there are just too many wires and accessories, I have three quick steps to keep everything contained, organized, and easy to get to while you are on the go:

1.  Use Your Carry-On Intelligence:

Your smaller carry-on bag should sit easily on top of your rolling suitcase and be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. This bag should also contain everything you will need during the flight to keep things simple.  If you are also carrying a purse, make sure that it can fit into your carry-on in order to comply with cabin baggage limits. Once you get to your row on the aircraft, you can place the smaller carry-on at your feet and the swing the larger one into the overhead compartment.

2. Compartmentalize:

Make sure your carry-on bag has a special, cushioned area for your laptop computer that also allows you to easily remove it for security screening. Designate another compartment in your carry-on bag that will be used exclusively for your smaller electronics such as your mp3 player, PDA, Bluetooth headset, etc.

3. Divide and Conquer:

What good is carrying all of the above gadgets with you if you cannot find them in your carry-on? A great way to keep everything organized is to use clear vinyl zipper pouches that can be purchased at any office supply store. Rather than putting cash into them, you can have one for each gadget and its’ respective accessories. This makes grabbing your mp3 player and it’s headset a one step process rather than a frustrating ordeal. No more digging!

This pouch idea can be used for all of the kid’s electronics, crayons, games, etc. You can even use another clear pouch for snacks, gum, and anything else that you would like to be able to easily locate. 

If you travel often, I would suggest keeping each gadget in its own clear pouch permanently. This will allow you to easily pull the pouch carrying only the items you wish to use such as your cell phone accessories. Just pull the desired pouch out of your in-flight carry-on and put it into your briefcase, purse, or gym bag when you are on the ground. This will keep you from having to look all over the house or hotel room to round up multiple items each time you go to pack. 

These easy steps will keep your electronics organized and your nerves at ease while you travel.


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