Recycled fur turned into teddy bears

Wearing an authentic fur coat was a fashion statement and status symbol in years gone by. These days, real fur is out and faux fur is in. So, what should you do with your old authentic fur coat?

Bella BearThrough the Bella Bear
, people across the country can have their fur coats recycled into luxurious Teddy bears. Julie Lamarre, who originally started the company about two decades ago as a hobby when she was
only 17 years old, has found a way to solve the problem of what to do with a fur coat that is hanging around collecting dust.

Her idea? Many people are opting to have heirloom furs turned into keepsake bears that can be passed down through generations.

“There are so many people that have inherited a family member’s fur. They don’t wear it because they either don’t believe in wearing fur or the style of the piece is out of date,”
explains Lamarre. “They don’t want to dispose of the fur because it has sentimental value, so it sits in the back of the closet or forgotten upstairs in the attic.”

Choosing a custom-made bear is a great option. Who wouldn’t love a precious fur teddy bear! (Not to mention that creating a lovey such as this is a more thoughtful way to honor the animal who gave
his or her life.)

The Custom Heirloom Bears are available in three sizes: Petite 12″, Classic 16″ and Grande 24″. One mink stole can usually make one Classic or two Petite bears.

To learn more about the Bella Bear Company, how to recycle your fur or to purchase a bear, please visit And if you want to
know more about why you might not want to wear fur, have a look through PETA’s site.


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