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Christmas-tree barrette

Help your little angel shine this holiday by adding a homemade touch to her hair. This Christmas-tree barrette is cute and simple to make!

finished barrette

The holiday season is jam-packed with crafters showcasing their crafty know-how. If you want to try your hand at a great holiday craft that is simple and cute, this one is for you!

Christmas-tree barrette craft


  • Green grosgrain ribbon
  • Brown grosgrain ribbon
  • Shiny, decorative ribbon
  • Single-prong alligator clips
  • Hot glue gun
  • Some fancy extras (think glitter or sequins)



Cut the brown ribbon long enough to cover the alligator clip while leaving some extra to trim to fit.



Glue the brown ribbon to the top of the alligator clips (If you are a first-timer with a glue gun, be careful to squeeze the glue in a long ribbon, rather than dots (dots will make the ribbon lumpy).


Trim the brown ribbon to size.


Next, cut your green ribbon (these will be the tree boughs). Each clip will need six total strips. Cut two pieces 2.75 inches long, two pieces 2.5 inches long and two pieces 2 inches long.

cut ribbon


Put a dot of hot glue on one end of each of the strips, and fold over to create a loop.

glue gun


Now it is time to put the ‘boughs’ on the ‘tree.’ Start with the largest loops at the bottom (hinge side) of the clip. Glue the loops in the center of the clip, making sure to overlap the loops of the same size to hide any glue and one of the seams (see image).

Glue to barrette

Create a tree

Add a topper


Take your shiny ribbon and cut a piece long enough to comfortably tie a bow (just like a shoelace).


Trim the ends of the bow.


Glue the shiny bow to the top of the tree.


Voila! You have created an amazing accessory!

finished barrette

To really do it up, add some self-adhesive sparkles. Or if you really want to go out on a limb (pun intended), change the color of your tree to match an unconventional holiday dress (pink and purple, teal and orange, etc.).

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Photo credit: Chris Moriarity

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