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Bad plastic surgery on celebrities: Priscilla Presley, Michael Jackson, Jocelyn Wildenstein and others!

Bad plastic surgery: Mickey Rourke

Sadly, this isn’t just a bad shot of Mickey Rourke — his lips are pouty like this all the time now. And the character lines that were there at the height of his career (meaning the era of “9-1/2 Weeks”) have been scrubbed away, leaving only pinkish skin that looks like would be painful if touched.

Sadly, it seems that Mickey’s career collapsed when his rugged good looks disappeared under the surgeon’s knife.

Mickey Rourke had bad plastic surgery


If any of these people look good to you, before booking a cosmetic surgery procedure, please stop, take a deep breath, and check out this article in the UK TimesOnline: Plastic surgery: the new addiction. Why? Because we care, and really don’t want to have to feature you on our bad plastic surgery pages.

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