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41 Reasons to shop online

Every year, the number of people shopping online — and the number of purchases they make — increases. And for good reason. The web offers the ultimate in variety and convenience, as this list attests. (Know someone who still doesn’t get it? Show them this page, and send them a few links to your favorite online stores!) Plus, how else can you go shopping in your bathrobe (or less)?

  1. There’s no waiting in line. On the web, it’s like you’re the only one in the store!
  2. You can multitask and fill up a shopping cart over the course of several days, as time permits.
  3. You can wear anything — or nothing! — and shoes and makeup are entirely optional.
  4. Can use coupon codes, easily getting percentage discounts and/or free shipping.
  5. There is no need to use public restrooms.
  6. You have a much better chance of staying healthy by avoiding masses of people.
  7. You don’t need to go from store to store with tons of bags.
  8. No sore legs and aching feet from walking all over the place.
  9. No schlepping bags home from the store.
  10. Big, awkward or heavy items are delivered right to your door.
  11. You can completely avoid panhandlers and others pushing for a donation.
  12. Save money on gas, public transit fares, tolls and parking.
  13. No battling for a parking space or need to repeatedly circle the parking lot.
  14. It’s simple to keep track of your spending and your purchases.
  15. There is no need to actively avoid the sweet treats and other impulse buys at the checkout stand.
  16. No paper receipts to stash in your wallet/purse.
  17. No need to endure pitches from commission-only salespeople.
  18. It’s relatively easy to find what you want, as Google has yet to develop a completely offline search engine.
  19. You can easily check the prices at a variety of stores with just a few mouse clicks.
  20. It is simple to research products and to find product reviews.
  21. You can read detailed product specs and even check out instruction manuals right in your browser window.
  22. You can pre-shop (checking prices, features) online and then make a final decision in person.
  23. You can also pre-shop at a brick-and-mortar store, deciding which products feel good in-hand, and then find the best deal online.
  24. You’ll totally avoid pickpockets and chances to misplace your credit card or wallet.
  25. It’s super-simple to send a gift to someone by simply ordering online.
  26. There are many simple ways to offer ratings and reviews of products you have purchased.
  27. Via the web, you can order your favorite authentic regional foods from back home.
  28. You can get in on the latest international trends without spending money on airfare.
  29. Missed the local art fair? A huge variety of handmade items are available at sites like
  30. Far fewer things are typically out of stock.
  31. By pre-ordering items online, your goodies will be shipped to you as soon as they’re available.
  32. Typically, web stores offer a far greater selection of colors and sizes than you will find locally.
  33. Some stores offer a selection of products (sometimes special sizes) available exclusively online.
  34. Ability to set up repeat orders and have prescriptions or groceries delivered on a regular schedule.
  35. There is nothing like eBay in the non-virtual world. (Sotheby’s just isn’t the same.)
  36. You don’t need an umbrella, because it never rains or snows in the web world.
  37. Kids won’t get bored or endlessly angle for a toy or pack of gum at the checkout counter.
  38. You can easily take a few days to deliberate on a purchase.
  39. It’s simple to get opinions from friends or family simply by emailing them a link.
  40. Getting a package is almost like getting a present (even more so when you forget what you ordered).
  41. You can go shopping when it’s convenient for you — even if the mall is closed — and take as long as you like. There’s no rush.

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