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Looking good in yellow

Yellow can be one of the most difficult colors for many women to wear. However, by picking the right shades, you can pull off a fabulous chic look without looking like a big banana. Here are some tips!

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa rocks the yellow

As seen here, Vanessa Williams looks fabulous (despite the fact her bra is peeking out) in this yellow blouse with multi-colored polka dots and a pale yellow skirt.

Vanessa does several things right with this outfit. First of all, she wears a pattern up top rather than a solid yellow blouse. If you are going to wear bright yellow, this is the key. Secondly, she wears a completely different yellow on the bottom than she does on top.

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This ensemble would have been completely obnoxious if the top and skirt were the same print. However, it would have been equally drab if the whole ensemble was in the pale yellow featured in the skirt.

Another thing about her outfit is that the band around the waist — cute pleats and trim accents break up the yellow so that it isn’t too overwhelming.

What’s your tone?

When you are choosing shades of yellow, you should also consider your skin tone. Women with warm skin tones usually look in mustard, golden yellow and green-yellow; while those with cool skin tones look better in bright yellow.

If you have a very light complexion, however, don’t wear pale yellow — it will just make you look washed out.

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