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Taking care of your skin while dieting

Now that you are well on your road to a slimmer, healthier you, make sure that your diet doesn’t negatively affect your skin condition. Healthy skin, like any organ, is often a reflection of diet and lifestyle. New research shows that the best way to keep your skin healthy, soft and supple is to give it the right nutrients and then protect it with a shielding lotion that significantly reduces the loss of natural oils and moisture.

Recommended by dermatologists, shielding lotions are a new kind of lotion based on years of research into how the skin works. The body naturally makes a protective layer on the skin to prevent
outside irritants from harming the skin and to keep natural oils and moisture locked in to avoid aging and dry skin.

New skin cells are constantly formed to replace old or damaged ones, but if we deprive the body of the right nutrients while dieting, the skin starts to lose its ability to renew these cells. It
also loses moisture and elasticity. Natural oil production decreases, inhibiting the skin’s ability to protect against evaporation. This results in the appearance of dry, scaly skin, fine lines and
age spots. Just when you can fit into that cute little outfit, your skin looks dull and dry.

The biggest nutritional mistake made while dieting is cutting out essential fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs not only support the cardiovascular, immune, and reproductive and nervous systems, they enable
the body to create new cells, repair those that are damaged and get rid of toxins. Studies have shown EFAs to be effective against dry skin even in the most severe conditions. The great news for
dieters is that EFAs are also pivotal in weight loss. EFA supplementation alone has enabled people to lose weight after years of unsuccessful dieting. So, you’re in luck. The one dietary change
that will help you lose weight is also the best internal dry skin care treatment.

Environmental toxins, soaps and chemicals take their toll on our skin every day. In addition to feeding your skin from the inside, you also have to protect it from the outside. Once the protective
outer layer of your skin is compromised damage can occur. A shielding lotion replenishes the protective layer of the skin and allows your skin to use all that good nutrition to produce healthy
glowing skin — the perfect complement to your slim and healthy body.

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