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Turn up the holiday sparkle with metallic eye shadow

The holidays are all about sparkle and shine, so what better time to try metallic eye shadow for a fun and festive look?

Metallic eye shadows span the rainbow

Copper, platinum and gold are the colors that come to mind when we think of metallics, but there are a variety of shadows in metallic colors that can be worn subtle or bold, depending on your mood. 

Jennifer Lopez with metallic eyeshadow

Light-colored metallic shadows such as white, taupe and gold or silver toned hues work like a spotlight in the inner corner of your eye, and can be used all over the lid for a softer, more demure metallic look. With brown or gray eyeliner on your top lid only, this creates an understated but modern metallic eye.

Pink metallic shadow is another beautiful choice, as is a soft, almost transparent violet or green shade — especially flattering on brown eyes. These more subdued metallic eye shadows work well for daytime with lip-gloss and a swipe of mascara, or for evening with a strong lip color, heavier eyeliner and multiple coats of black mascara.

If your holiday event calls for all out glamour, metallic shadow is up to the challenge. A gorgeous deep copper on the outer half of the eyelid, with a shimmery gold on the inner half, is a dazzling twist on the smoky eye. Try wetting the eye shadow applicator to intensify the color. Platinum shadow all over lid, with a bit of gold in the crease and on the brow bone, brings focus to the eye and the eyebrow, so be sure your eyebrows are well-groomed.

Stronger, more pigmented metallic shadows pair well with nude or light pink lip colors. Softer lips keep the focus on your heavenly holiday eyes.

Create your own custom look

Metallic shadows pick up the different flecks in our eye color, making our eyes dance. A neat trick to get a highly personalized look is to shade your entire lid with a metallic shadow, it can be a sheer or a darker tone, then dab a matte shadow over the center of your eye lid to create a mosaic look.

This application also works well in reverse, with a matte shadow all over the lid and a touch of metallic shadow in the center and in the corner of your eyes. You can also layer metallic shadows on top of one another to create your own custom looks. A small eyeliner brush works well to layer metallic shadow over eyeliner for all night staying power. Dip the brush in water, then in the eye shadow, to intensify the color.

Teal blue, plum and forest green eyeliners look fresh with metallic shadow and will have everyone asking you how you got that fabulous sparkle in your eyes!

The non-compete clause

When wearing metallic eye shadow, let your eyes be the only shimmer on your face. Avoid shimmering blush and lip color — you don’t want any other makeup competing with your luminous eyes.

Use the holidays as an excuse to break out of your eye makeup rut and try some thing new and exciting for your peepers. As the saying goes, “The eyes have it,” — and you can flaunt it with metallic eye shadow!

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