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Hot-weather makeup tips for a great summer look

Darrell Redleaf, celebrity beauty expert, says the trend this summer is toward simple and quick, and less that is more. Wash and go hairstyles, five-minute makeup routines or almost no makeup at all — whatever makes it easy for you to look great! Here are some more of his tips to help you shine this summer.

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Expert tips on summer beauty and makeup trends

How to hydrate skin in the summer

Use a body hydrating lotion as soon as you get out of the shower and pat down. It’s best to apply the lotion while your skin is still moist. Darrell says the best body lotion (non greasy and lightly scented) is Dermalogica. “They make a body hydrating cream that is terrific. For your face, they offer “multivitamin power firm for eyes and lips and barrier repair — a waterless moisturizer,” Darrell adds.

Darrell on Getting rid of dark circles

“Dark circles happen when you are dehydrated,” says Darrell. “The skin cells above the blood capillaries shrivel due to lack or moisture and cause the dark circle look. So first, try drinking more water to plump up the cells. If the cause isn’t from dehydration, it could be from lack of sleep or from an illness. So if water doesn’t work, go to a concealer. Depending on your skin tone, find a concealer that really matches your skin. Don’t go too Get back to our hot weather guide - click here!light or you’ll get raccoon eyes. Then dust over lightly with a bronzing powder that matches the tan part of your skin. My recommendation is to go to a store where you can ask the makeup experts lots of questions to get the right product for you. I personally like the concealer from Laura Mercier.”

Skimp on makeup, splurge on color

“The trend this summer is to be bronzed,” says Darrell. “Go light on makeup and use a bronzing product (sunless tanning products) to give you a great glow. Guerlian has the best bronzers (powders, gels, creams, etc.) out there in my opinion. And don’t cover up the glow once you’ve got it! Fresh skin is the most beautiful so less makeup is better.”

Update your your makeup routine

“No matter what age a woman is, she probably started putting makeup on as a teenager. The year she was a teenager is probably the way her makeup is looks today, unless she’s had an expert show her the latest looks,” says Darrell. “My recommendation would be to update your look — to go to a makeup artist who can help you find the right look for you. Make sure you tell them you want a five-minute routine. And scale it down — you don’t need a hundred products on your face.”

High humidity and drooping hair

Get a style that is really wash and wear because hairstyles are much more casual these days. So find a cut and style that is really about washing it, hydrating it, leaving in conditioner, shaking your head and going. Then you don’t have to worry about gooping on products to keep your hairstyle holding in high humidity.

More on summer beauty

One of the most important summertime must dos is to wear sunscreen. By preventing sun damage, you make it a lot easier to keep your skin hydrated and looking beautiful.  Smooth,  healthy will also prevent and hindrances in your makeup routine.

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