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How to promote hair growth

The experts at Salon Ishi in New York, have lots of experience with clients who want their hair to grow or who have thinning hair. A healthy scalp and balanced hair generally promotes thicker, healthier hair and maximizes potential growth. Here’s some of the insider advice their stylists had to share!

Woman with Long Hair

Scalp care

A healthy scalp is a big factor in promoting hair growth. An over-stimulated scalp is caused by daily shampooing, so the first rule to remember is to not wash your hair every day.

You will want to also normalize your scalp’s condition. Arimino’s clay-based scalp cleanser is massaged onto the scalp and left on for 5 minutes. (Note that there is no need to apply conditioner afterwards.) The cleanser removes built-up chemicals and sebum, and is made with Thia Treatment, Arimino’s conditioning agent, as a main ingredient. Continued use rebalances the scalps secretions.

Water treatment

An in-salon treatment, a Water treatment is the newest concept from Japan! It is based on the concept that the reduction of water in the cell is the cause of damage and aging.

Here’s how it works: Purified water is applied to the scalp and an oxygen-emitting tube is placed around your head. After eight minutes, we check to see if the water has been deposited. We check this by the temperature of the scalp. (It takes 8 minutes for the blood to be circulated throughout the body.) The process takes about one hour. The result is thicker hair because it is filled with moisture.


Apart from having a healthy diet (plenty of protein and EFAs!) and taking extra vitamins and minerals as needed, there are some hair-specific nutrients available. For instance, Phytophanere is a dietary supplement made by Phyto to improve the quality of your hair. We’ve gotten raves from the clients that we’ve recommended.

We also suggest our clients use Phytocyane, a revitalizing lotion made by the same company. It is applied after shampooing to the entire scalp and not rinsed. Phyto recommends (as an intensive program) one ampoule 2 or 3 times per week for the first four months. To maintain the results, use one ampoule per week for 2 or 3 months.

Styling thinning hair

When it comes to hairstyles for women with thinning hair, we recommend that the hair is kept shorter. Shorter hair looks fuller — plus, longer hair puts stress on the roots.

A must is not to have your hair undercut, as this takes away the needed volume. Graduated layering gives fullness and bounce.

positive thinking

When you start a regimen, you are focused and doing all the steps required. This is stimulating in and of itself! You are going to see some positive results — the question is whether or not these are leading you to long-term cures.

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