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How to apply eyeliner

72 percent of adults named their eyes as their favorite facial feature. It’s for this reason so many women spend more time perfecting their eye makeup than foundation, bronzers and lipstick. Celebrity Beauty Expert Darrell Redleaf offers some new insight on playing up this favorite feature via eyeliner with information on how to choose the right formula, color and application techniques.

“The first step in
choosing a liner is finding the right formula,” says Darrell Redleaf, celebrity beauty expert. “From basic pencils, to shadows, gels and liquid eyeliners there are a bevy of beauty options
depending on the look you are trying to achieve.”

Pencils are a classic option and can be used to define or can be blended for a softer look. Shadows, on the other hand, are a new way to utilize your beauty bag. You can use your existing shadows
and wet slanted liner brush to apply. Shadows are a great option because often they feature a broader color range than basic pencils.

For long lasting coverage, gel and liquid formulas are the best option. These formulas are more dramatic and great for evening. Another plus for gels and liquids is that they are long lasting and
do not smear as pencils can sometimes do. Waterproof and smudge-proof are important words to look for when purchasing one of these formulas.

After finding your perfect formula, the next step is choosing the right color. Darrell recommends bronze and gold shades to enhance green and blue eyes, while darker eyes can opt for taupes and
browns. Most importantly, it’s all about technique. Darrell recommends blending the liner (either a shadow or pencil) at the root of the lashes and blend up and out in a 45 degree angle for an
instant lift. You can use an angle brush for a more defined look or use an eye smudge brush for a smoky look. You can create different looks by using different brushes.

For a dramatic look, you can wing a liquid eyeliner or eye gel up a bit. But avoid winging too much otherwise it can look theatrical.

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