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Summer haircare: Prevent French-fried follicles

A season of exposure to sun, salt water and chlorine residues plus extra chemical “sun” streaks for style can all wreak havoc on hair. By the end of the summer, hair can become so dehydrated it looks and feels fried. Beverly Hills stylist Barry Reitman offers these suggestions to restore beautiful, healthy hair during and after the brutal summer months. These beauty tips will help you turn your dry and damaged hair into lovable, shiny locks that you can show off all year long.

Beat the heat with expert summer haircare advice

Stay in condition

It isn’t possible to emphasize this enough: Condition, condition, condition! Before a day at the beach or pool, dampen hair with tap water. Comb through a thick hair mask throughout the strands, then sweep back into a loose bun. The heat of the sun will help the mask penetrate your hair, making it silky and soft by the end of the day. Use a rich moisturizer like J. Beverly’s Hill Masque Conditioner — it restores moisture, replenishes strength and detangles hair.

Don’t blow it

Give your blow dryer the summer off. Instead, air dry hair whenever possible. Even better, ask your stylist to update your cut so it looks best when not blown out. 

Redken has a fabulous product called UV Rescue-Daily. It is a protective moisturizer for the hair and contains SPF 12 sunscreen. Work through damp hair massaging liberally into the scalp. Can be used after shampooing.

For a smooth wave if you have curly hair, blow dry it on a cool setting to seal the cuticle and set the curl. Alternatively, apply a light gel to damp hair and twist into a loose bun. Let it dry naturally for a tousled look.

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Play nice with the pony

 Summer is a big time for ponytails, but never put your hair in a tight pony when it is wet. As it dries the ponytail holder will prevent your hair from naturally shrinking causing the hair to break. Additionally, choose safe hair accessories. Pick ones that won’t tear or break hair: Holders without metal closures, barrettes with smooth edges and clasps.

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Add more moisture

Use a leave-in hair moisturizer throughout the day. The bonus: These products contain sunscreen, which helps protect color-treated hair from the sun, which can turn color brassy. Phillip B Lovin Leave-in Conditioner has soy and wheat proteins that protect the hair from damaging and drying effects of the summer sun. Apply to towel dry hair and style as usual.

Two more tips: Rinse and clip

    1. Rinse away salt and chlorine. If left on the hair, salt and chlorine can make it dry and brittle. After swimming, remove chemicals with tap water. 
    2. The end of any season is always a great time for a trim. Not only do you get rid of “older” dry ends and split ends, you’ll put the shape back in your cut.

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