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Organize your closet: The 3-day plan, Part 3

By now you’re so close to your goal of getting organized, you can smell it. SheKnows shares Steps 7-10 below for getting organized with the whole family… and all in just one weekend!


If you missed the first steps to organization, go back! You don’t want to miss out on the organization tips and first fun steps that gets the kids involved in organizing.
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Tool time
Sunday morning
9:00 a.m.

The kids get the morning off while the grownups spend some time assembling the new closet organizers. To reward yourself for getting to work this early in the morning, whip up a pot of the most decadent gourmet coffee money can buy. (Hey, I told you there were perks for sticking with the program!)

And to really get your blood pumping, dig through your old LP collection and fire up some inspiring tunes from your younger years. (Chances are you could use a bit of Saturday Night Fever to jumpstart your Sunday morning work bee!)

Coming out of the closet
Sunday afternoon
2:00 p.m.

Now that the closet organizers have been installed, it’s time to start putting each person’s stuff away. Your best bet is to organize your child’s clothing by seasons, making sure that the current season’s clothing is stored down low where your child can reach it easily, while the off-season clothing is stored at the top of the closet. (Of course, if you have a six-year-old who insists on wearing sleeveless sundresses in the middle of winter or polar fleece tracksuits on a blistering hot day, you may have to resort to packing her off-season clothing away in the basement or storing it in containers under her bed. Remember: Out of sight, out of mind!)

Celebratory dinner
Sunday evening
6:00 p.m.

Your work is now finished, and it’s time to reward your kids for all their hard work by having a celebratory family dinner. While they’d never admit it — doing so would be a clear violation of the kid code of honor — your kids are bound to be pleased with their new-and-improved bedroom closets. After all, now they have a whole bunch more room to accumulate a whole bunch more stuff!

Late-night bubble bath
Sunday evening
10:00 p.m.

Once the troops are in bed, head for the tub. Operation Closet Cleanup is now complete and, by all accounts, it was a roaring success.

Congratulations, Mom! We knew you could pull it off. After all, you didn’t get that CMO designation for nothing!


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