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What is the etiquette for reselling concert tickets to a friend?

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Your question:

I have some concert tickets I can’t use and want to sell online and make a little profit. But my friend at work wants to buy the tickets from me — though at face value. Should I charge her the rate I was hoping to get or just give them to her at cost? (Or is it bad to even charge her at all?)

The expert answers:

If you sell these tickets to your friend, at least you come out even, no money gained, no money lost. I am in the mindset that the less the hassle, the better the deal.

As a friend at work would like to buy the tickets, I would suggest that you sell them to her at face value. If she hems and haws and thinks they are too pricey, perhaps you can give her a small discount. After all, if this friend wanted to go to the concert that bad, she would have to buy them full price elsewhere. It has nothing to do with your friendship; it is purely a business transaction.

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