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Bridal shower crafts: Hats & bouquets

What do you do with all of the ribbons and bows from the gifts at a bridal shower? One crafty gal shows you how she makes crafty bridal “bonnets” for the bride-to-be using the ties and decorations adorning the gifts.

Shower Hat

There are lots of fun ways to celebrate a friend’s impeding nuptials. Some people come up with amazing games for the shower, and others do an incredible job making gorgeous cakes and petit fours. But when close friends of mine get married, my specialty is making the traditional paper plate hat.

A tip of the hat

The concept is simple: As the bride-to-be opens her gifts, any ribbons, bows, and decorations on her gifts get attached onto a paper plate and turned into a “bonnet” that the bride then has to wear (mostly for a photo op)! Recently, I made a truly spectacular hat for my friend Mari, which you can see here.

Or go for the bouquet?

You aren’t limited to just making a hat. Some people prefer to make a “bouquet” that the bride can use at her wedding rehearsal!

Whether you want to make a hat or bouquet, there are very few supplies needed, namely:

  • a paper plate
  • a stapler
  • a roll of tape
  • the ribbons & bows

As each gift is opened, add the decorative accoutrements to your party craft.

You can thread the gift bows and ribbons through the plate after cutting or punching a hole in it, or attaching the decorations with staples and/or tape. Keep the longer pieces of ribbon to use to help tie on the bonnet, as seen here.

Me and Mari

And don’t feel as if you necessarily have to limit yourself to just one bout of craftiness! If you have an abundance of material, create hats or bouquets for the bridal attendants, too.

Of course, the caliber of the finished result you make depends on the quality of the adornments that were decorating the gifts, as well as the colors and patterns, and how well they blend. As you can see from Mari’s hat, there was a truly awesome array of bows and ribbons!

Change can be good

For the bridal shower hat shown here, I almost missed my chance to make it at all, because I forgot to bring along what I needed. Fortunately, I realized that there was a fast food stand nearby, and discreetly asked for a paper plate. They kindly offered me tape and a clean paper “basket” — the kind that french fries are served in.

Let me tell you, that basket was much better than the usual a flat paper plate! It actually fit the head kind of like a small pillbox hat, thus making the coolest bride hat ever. When covered with trimmings, trappings, and bows, it actually looked rather chic — don’t you think?!

A keepsake with heart

This simple craft gives the bride a sweet and pretty souvenir of her shower — and because it includes elements from all the guests, it’s a special keepsake that will always remind her of that memorable day.


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