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Online shopping tips

Shopping from the convenience of your home can save time and, sometimes, money, but it’s not without risks, said Carol Young, Kansas State University Research and Extension financial management specialist.

In this age of ready information and potential identity theft, consider reserving one credit card strictly for online shopping, Young said. Keep the available credit limit low and review your statements carefully.

“Dedicating one card to online shopping will simplify any clean-up or cancellations if the account is breached,” said Young, who gave these additional tips:

  • Know the person or business you are dealing with.
  • Do some homework on the product you�re buying and what it typically costs.
  • Make sure your transaction is secure.
  • Understand your payment options.
  • Keep a record of your purchase.
  • Protect your privacy – be careful if giving out personal information.

For more information on managing your money successfully, check with the local or district K-State Research and Extension office or visit Extension�s Web site: and click on Kansas Saves, a campaign to encourage savings and reduce – or manage – debt successfully. The financial management campaign is part of a national effort called America Saves, sponsored by the Consumer Federation of America.

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