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How to look picture perfect in every photo

Here are some hair, makeup and clothing tips to get you perfectly photo-ready!

If you always “hate” how you look in pictures, now is the time to stop running from the camera and instead trying the following simple tips, so you can start creating some beautiful memories with your family and friends.

20 picture perfect tips to look your best

Whether it’s a special occasion, family reunion, vacation or something as simple as an everyday snapshot, here’s what you can do to look picture perfect in every photo!

  1. Don’t wear large bold prints or patterns.
  2. Select an outfit that positively accentuates your figure — and make sure the neckline is also very flattering.
  3. Look picture perfectWear only colors that you know look good on you. (Black — in moderation — is generally considered slimming.)
  4. Wear earnings and a necklace. Even a simple pendant and a plain pair of earrings will add a degree of style to your outfit that will enhance your appearance.
  5. Always make sure your hair is clean.
  6. Select hairstyles that are flattering to you.
  7. Use styling products that will hold your style, but won’t make your hair appear stiff and unnatural.
  8. Select a hair color that enhances your complexion.
  9. Avoid extreme hairstyles. You don’t want hair bigger than your head, nor do you want to completely pull your hair back from your face, because this could make you look older — and can even make your head look to small for your body. (Check out Is your hair making you look old? and Hairstyles that will make you look thinner.)
  10. Use only long-wearing, smudge-proof, waterproof cosmetics.
  11. Use face powder to set makeup and reduce shine.
  12. Use a foundation with a matte finish.
  13. Do not use any cosmetics with a shimmery, shiny or “glowing” finish.
  14. Use clear light to medium color eye shadow.
  15. Use a lip balm or lip cream before applying your lipstick.
  16. Use a medium shade, cream formula lipstick.
  17. Brighten your smile ahead of time with a teeth whitener. (Be sure to discuss with your dentist what product is best for you.)
  18. At a wedding: Unless you’re the bride, avoid wearing all white. It will make you look large and distract from your face.
  19. Make sure the photographer is shooting from slightly above your eyeline to minimize the appearance of your chin/neck area.
  20. Smile with your eyes and your mouth (just as the photo is being taken, think of someone you love or think of something humorous).

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