34 Easy, Genius Ways to Organize Your Home

In the bedroom…

20. Cube storage is your best friend — especially in kids rooms where the toys can take over, making it nearly impossible to walk through.

21. Hang the closet rod even higher — doing so will actually free up more space below the clothes you've hung up, allowing you to add a dresser or two.

22. Have throw pillows? Toss ‘em in a basket placed in a corner of the room or next to your bed.

23. Use the space under your bed wisely. Add storage bins or add a storage-friendly platform.

DIY scarf hanger

24. Hang scarves, belts and any other accessories on a towel bar affixed to unused wall space in your closet. You'll free up rod space by doing so.

25. Use a hanging shoe organizer to store bulky clothing, like sweaters. Roll them up and slide right in.

26. We all know how much of a pain in the ass it is having many pairs of boots — because where the heck do you put them? Get a boot rack ($69.99 at Amazon), and hang ‘em up instead.

Honeycomb organizer

27. In your sock and underwear drawer, use honeycomb-style organizers ($10 at Amazon) to keep them from becoming a jumbled mess.

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In the bathroom…

Small shelf bathroom

28. Get a small shelf, hang it up, and use it to store all your creams and daily-use beauty products. No digging, no searching and easy access.

29. Keep all your hair accessories in a bin under the sink or on a shelf in the bathroom

Magnetic strips medicine cabinet

30. Use magnetic strips to hang up items in your medicine cabinet.

31. Use an over-the-toilet shelving unit ($39.99 at Amazon). This is a great way to store or display beauty products, blow-dryers, toilet paper — anything you may not already have enough counter or cabinet space for.

32. On the flip side, use under-the-sink cabinet drawers ($22.99 at Amazon) to keep your beauty products organized.

33. Make the most out of your drawers by adding containers and/or dividers in them.

34. Spice racks aren't just for the kitchen. Hang them up on the wall as bathroom storage.


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