Clutter command: Get organized!

Clutter equals stress, plain and simple. Messy rooms, disorganized closets, and jumbled junk drawers add unneeded hassle to our already hectic days. I can’t think when things are cluttered! So I’ve learned a few tricks to control the clutter. I sort and toss the stuff I don’t need or want, and I keep the necessities of life tucked away, out of site but easily accessible.

Clutter command: get organized!

Even small homes have space for storage. Under the bed, at the back of a closet, under the sink — all these spaces can be used to hold out-of-season clothes, toys, sports equipment, and unsightly trash bins. That’s right, even putting the kitchen garbage and recycling bins under the sink and on a convenient roll-out trolley, instead of having them out in plain sight, reduces both visual and floor space clutter.

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Donating useful but no longer needed items, getting rid of unwanted junk, and keeping what we do need neat, accessible, and as invisible as possible let our personal spaces become welcoming havens instead of uninviting areas that make you want to run away.

In an ideal world, every room of your house should be neat as a pin and organized alphabetically — but we know that’s pretty much impossible. After all, we do have to live our lives, and making a mess is sometimes part of it. But the storage solutions in this section can help you keep your stuff restrained.

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Storage solutions

Simple shelves, for instance, are one of the most basic and useful forms of storage. Tucked into the back of a closet, at the end of a little used hallway, or in the corner of a child’s bedroom, they provide an easy, classic clutter solution. They can hold decorative bins, boxes, and baskets for all the stuff you need but don’t want to look at. Or hang a curtain in front of them for complete coverage but easy access. Once you see how easy shelves are to install, you’ll find all sorts of places for them.

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