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Spring tresses: Getting the best results from your hair salon and stylist

sTrend versus style

Salon owner and stylist Alex Molchadskiy, who has worked on the beautiful locks of Lisa Kudrow and Julianna Margulies, says getting the right hair cut for your face is more important than what the major trends are. It’s easy to notice what celebrities are doing and want to follow suit.

As Robert Craig notes, “It looks like celebrities are changing their hair, but you never know where the photos are coming from and how much is their hair.”

Stylist Artur Kirsh feels hair is not about trend but an extension of the soul. “People are so different… Hair should represent whether a person is conservative or wild. It should follow a person.”

That said, here’s how the experts weighed in on current trends: Jerome Lourdet feels that the trend now is toward wavy hair, long bangs to the side, and some layers. Scott David says there’s more movement in hair and length is still long, it always has been. More girls with naturally curly hair are diffusing rather than straightening their hair and not blowing it as completely flat.

Artur Kirsh believes that bangs are hot along with fuller hair. He likes cutting shorter pieces around the face so that when you pull your hair back you have some pieces that fall into the eyes which is sexy and appealing.

Color, color, everywhere — What’s a girl to do?

Robert Craig, named one of the country’s top hair color artists by Allure magazine, has helped more than two million people solve their hair color and hair care problems. Robert says that while the best seller in his signature hair care line is Golden Brown, today almost anything goes.

“If the average woman wants to change her color every week she can. Hair color has become as interchangeable as makeup.” Living in Los Angeles, this is only too true. When I asked my stylist Scott about his thoughts on brunette being the new blonde, he laughed, “Not as long as Pamela Anderson’s around — at least in LA. Girls know that they’ll get more attention if they’re blonde.

But,” he diplomatically added, “Brunettes are my favorite. And they stand out more since there aren’t that many.”

Every spring, there is a new flurry of celebs going blonde — in years past, Nicole Richie has emerged as a blonde bombshell, Lindsay Lohan had new golden locks for a movie role, and actress Jessica Alba cut her hair just below her chin and went a dark honey blonde. 

In Jessica’s case, lighter hair accentuates one of her best features; her skin. On the flip side, the following day Eva Longoria was sitting in a Beverly Hills cafe and I couldn’t help but notice — along with everyone else in the place — her shiny dark sexy hair. In the end, famous or not, all that really matters is that your hair color complements your skin color and your overall look and style.

The secret to looking great fast

The secret? Upkeep, upkeep, upkeep. According to Artur Kirsh, “To have beautiful hair you need to see your hairdresser, and not just for haircuts. You don’t put makeup on just once a month — you should treat hair the same.”

Robert Craig agrees that keeping your hair in shape is the best way for working women and moms pressed for time to keep a look that’s easy and looks great. Artur offers this quick tip: Curly and wavy hair is back, so you can run a light gel, spray or pomade through your hair out of the shower, not even comb it, just scrunch and let air dry. He also suggests using big velcro rollers and setting your hair while you do your makeup. When you’re done, your hair will have bend and body.

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